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My husband and I visited our friend this week for the first time since she has been at Summerhill. Our first impression is that Summerhill is beautiful and the staff is most helpful and gracious.

I have known this woman for perhaps 30 years and have felt so bad about all the changes that have occurred to her in the last few years. Although I did not visit her in the hospital, I did see her in rehab as well in her previous facility. I felt my visit with her yesterday was the best I've experienced. We were able to see her walking back from therapy, working very hard, I might add. Most notably, we were hearing laughter from her for the first time since her stroke; most enjoyable. I have always asked her how she is doing; and for the first time, her reply was positive, "I'm content." Coming from her, that's a Gold Star. I think your caring and help has brought out something in her that she had lost. So, thank you very much.

I have to add that your "Pub" and her glass of wine at 4:30 doesn't hurt! Thank you for all that you do.

Penny & Leo Demers,
Hudson, NH

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