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Dear Mary Pat:

My family and I are so very grateful for the wonderful care that my Mother is receiving at Summerhill Assisted Living. Summerhill came into our lives at exactly the right time! Mom had lived alone for 12 years after Dad passed away. She managed fairly well until 2002 when she suffered a serious stroke. Mom's life (and ours') dramatically changed. With a great deal of physical therapy, continued family support and a strong determination to function normally, Mom returned home.

Unfortunately, Mom's health was declining and because of progressive emphysema, she required supplemental oxygen. In addition, her osteoporosis was advancing and since she lived alone, it became increasingly difficult, both medically and physically, for her to remain in her home. Isolation and loneliness began to take their toll. She remained adamant, however, that she was going to remain in the home that she and her husband had built for themselves.

After several medical episodes requiring the intervention of EMTs, I had "the talk" with Mom about the need for alternative living arrangements. After some coaxing, she reluctantly agreed. I began the process of collecting information on several eldercare facilities in the area. My first (and last) visit was to Summerhill Assisted Living and I stopped right there. I knew immediately that it was the perfect place for Mom. She was offered a wonderful room with space for her own furnishings. Her room is near "the action" which ensures that she is never lonely.

I thought it would take a long time for Mom to adjust but I was wrong. In only a few days, she told me that she liked it. She feels safe and well cared for and she never feels alone. Mom reconnected with some of her childhood friends and developed a social life that she did not have at home. When I call her room she is often away doing yoga, singing or socializing in the pub. It is wonderful to see Mom enjoying her life so much – all because of Summerhill Assisted Living.

My family and I cannot thank the staff and management of Summerhill enough for the loving care provided for Mom. She has had several serious medical episodes which were managed immediately and with the highest level of professionalism. On two separate occasions, the alert and appropriate actions of the nursing staff literally saved Mom's life.

Mom celebrated her 90th birthday in January and the last three years at Summerhill have been so wonderfully happy for her – and for us too! The staff and residents of Summerhill have become her extended "family" and her quality of life since her arrival has been amazing. Summerhill is now Mom's home.

Thank you so very much.

Stephanie Armstrong

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